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Media Work

Examples of Media Design and Media Systems Design.
Piano Burn Clip 1

Piano Burn Clip 1

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4:49 Psychosis
Media and System Design

UNC Charlotte, 2012

Media Design and Projections Systems Design

In 2014, I was the sound and media designer for a production of Sarah Kane's 4:48 Psychosis
.  I was drawn to a video I had found online of an individual wrecking and playing a burning piano - and it resonated with the rest of the creative team.  We were able to get a small piano donated, and with some help from the campus safety team, were able to burn it on campus.  I then utilized the resulting video and audio recordings in the show.

Click on the menu button on the bottom of the video player to see short transitions from the show itself.

System Design

UNC Charlotte, 2012

Media and Sound Systems Design

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte did an "enhanced technology" setting of Romeo and Juliet in the spring of 2012.  I was responsible for designing the audio and media playback systems.  Video playback involved four projectors on three screens.  A Mac Pro tower provided audio playback and MIDI triggering (via QLab) of 3 additional machines running QLab for video playback.

Project Hope
System Design

UNC Charlotte, 2011

Media System Design

Project Hope was a new work devised as part of a project called "Violins of Hope" at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  In addition to designing sound for the production, I was in charge of designing a simple system for playback of still images to a unique, frosted plexiglass screen in the space.  As I was already using QLab for audio playback, I added in another machine running Arkaos VJ,. and triggered it via MIDI from the audio machine.

WMU Digital Media Team

Western Michigan University, 2006 - 2007

Media and Systems Design, multiple projects



As a student at Western Michigan University from 2002-2007, I was able to be part of a team funded by a grant to investigate new technologies in the performing arts.  Click on an image to the left to view a new page with more information, or for more information on the WMU Digital Media team, click here.

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