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WMU Digital Media

Here are clips and paperwork from two projects I worked on as part of the digital media team at Western Michigan University (more info on the project here).  The Digital Media team came about as part of a grant received by several faculty to work with new technologies in the performing arts, spear-headed by Kevin Abbott.
Doctor Faustus

Western Michigan University presented Doctor Faustus in the spring of 2007.  Utilizing motion capture and stereoscopic projections technology, we were able to craft a world that captured magic and wonder.  We were one of, and possibly the, first team to integrate live motion capture and 3D projections into a theatrical performance.

Faustus summons Mephistopheles

Doctor Faustus

For Doctor Faustus, the operators for the video systems, motion capture, sound, lights, and stage management were in full view of the audience in the orchestra pit.  Many of the projected scenes had motion elements, which were controlled in real-time by two operators.

Faustus and Mephistopheles go "running with the devil"


As part of a student technology showcase, I collaborated with Sandy Zweir, a theatre performance student, to create the story of the death and rebirth of a phoenix.  With a live aerialist, and 3D projections, it was very rewarding project.


Dr. Faustus Media System Design
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