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Recording and Mixing

Sigh No More

Used for a production in the OnStage series at Children's Theatre of Charlotte, the director was able to contact a former student who was now involved in her own band - and they agreed to write a song for Much Ado About Nothing.  We brought the group into one of the rehearsal spaces at the theatre, and captured both the full song and a number of short clips, instrumental and with vocals, for use as transitions.

Original music written by Charlotte O’Boyle & Abby Walker

Performed by Circe & the Skirts

Vocals – Abby Walker & Sam Dunn

Guitar – Charlotte O’Boyle

Drums – Grace Ulloa 

Bass – Sam Dunn

Anton Pirulero

Anton Pirulero was another song out of the Mama Goose project at UNC Charlotte.  This was one of the songs used in the production, so no vocals are included.

El Coco

El Coco was recorded as part of the recording sessions for the Mama Goose project at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  Devised as a multi-lingual, touring show for young children, the writers worked with a local Charlotte group, Criss Cross Mangosauce to write original music for the show.  This recordings were done with vocals in the tracking room, but mixing was done without the vocals so the songs could be sung live in production.  El Coco was never used in the show, but it was a great tune.


- Criss Cross Mangosauce: Guitars - Tony Arreaza, Bass & Keyboard - Isaac Melendez, Percussion - Joswar Acosta, Vocals - Ana Lucia Divins, Composers - Irania Patterson, Tony Arreaza, Isaac Melendez & Ana Lucia Divins


"Cloud Nine"

One of the first projects I worked on at UNC Charlotte was a theatre department production of Cloud 9.  This production requires some original music be written, in two very different styles.  This was the song sung in the middle of the second act (sans vocals).  We had one of the composition students from the music department work with the director on style; I then brought in some music students for a quick recording session in the recital hall.  This was the result.

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